Dear Women

You are beautiful and amazing. Let no soul tell you otherwise. You are beholder of a fierce and savage spirit, don’t let it crumble down under the conventional ways of the society. You can be anything you want, everything you aspire for. Not the color of your skin, neither the structure of your body, nor the piece of clothing that envelops you decide your worth. You are equally smart, vicious and tough just like any other man out there who take that tentative but bold step everyday to mark a secure place for himself in this vast world. Trust me when I tell you that you are made for much bigger things in life. Be brave my kind. In your mortal existence you would be painted with many colors. You would be either too fat or too skinny, too dark, too bossy, too ambitious, too flashy etc. etc. but honey believe in yourself because you are one of a kind. These people will try to define you with these tags coz they don’t just don’t get our celestial existence. Actually, we are handful then their minuscule mind could grasp. There is this ancient baggage called patriarchal culture which tells the women to talk, behave, walk, sit, dress and even orgasm in a certain way. And anything not parallel to it is defying the rules of the partisan world. My warriors, the real world is the one you have created within yourself, where you are a badass queen, whose decisions are never tainted by the zillion opinion from other. Who wakes up every morning and looks into the mirror and smiles proudly at the women it reflects, coz she is aware of all her sufferings but also knows she has survived it all. Although broken umpteenth time by her loved ones, she stood up every time to face the world with fire in her eyes and certainty in her heart bandaging the bleeding wound. My sisters unlock yourself from the cage of lies fabricated by our pretentious ancestors to feed the male ego. Set yourself free. You are capable of everything and anything, so don’t hold yourself back. Unmute that silence of yours. Let your voice flow like a glorious symphony impregnating the world missing not even one. Everytime you speak, it’s not solely for you but for all the other girls going through the same ordeal as you are. So lets rise and shine. Hold each other’s hands, be one and make an impression lasting forever. Cause we were born to rock the damn world.

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